Based on the Japanese tradition of "oshibori", White Towel Services manufactures and distributes luxurious 100% cotton, lightly scented, pre-moistened towels and accessories!

"White Towel Services does more than just promise good customer service,
we deliver it consistently."
- Jason Stark, President

    Luxurious 100% Cotton Towels
Luxurious 100% Cotton Towels, served moist as a cold or hot towel. Individually packaged and scented with lemon or lavender essential oils for the ultimate in a luxury towel. Also available in peach-mango and unscented.

WT-7B Deluxe Towel Warmers
Waterless hot towel warmers - compact and super energy-efficient, perfect for multiple uses at home or at work! Includes Lifetime Warranty. UL LISTED!
    Synthetic Towellettes
These disposable towellettes are made through a spun-lace process and are durable and soft like cotton. Available in Lemon and Unscented.
    Yoga Towel
Refreshing 100% Cotton Yoga Towels are rolled and scented with lavender essential oils for the ultimate experience.

    Helios Self-Tanning Towels
Sunless Tanning Towel. Aloe infused towel leaves a tan for 4-10 days.
    Make-up Remover Towels
Naturally Gentle & Effective. Leaves Your Skin Feeling Fresh not Oily.

100% cotton moist washcloths in a 48 count Point of Purchase box. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, golf, running, travel, picnics, bbqs - even for emergency preparedness.

White Towel Services was founded in 2002 with the desire of bringing the Japanese tradition of "Oshibori" to America. With that tradition in mind White Towel Services offers a complete line of towel warmers and refreshment towels of all sizes and quality to many industries around the world including;
Restaurants, Airlines, Country Clubs, Hotels and Casinos, Cruise lines, Dental and Medical facilities, Camping and outdoor activites and more!

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